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Party Enhancers

Welcome to Party Enhancers, we sell a wide selection of mood enhancers. Check out our selection of Products and our Sweet Deals we have going on.

Featured Products

Red Dawn Vector Shot

Vector is a new highly potent mood and Euphoria enhancer designed to give you the true experience you're looking for!

Vector Pills

Vector Extra by Red Dawn is a new highly potent mood and Euphoria enhancer designed to give lovers the true experience they're looking for.

Red Dawn Drink

Just like the original capsule, the Red Dawn Liquid works faster and will give you the same euphoric trip! Two-four capfuls are recommended. Enjoy the ride.

Sleepwalker Euphoria

Enhance your mood and well being. All work and no play?, Not with Sleepwalker! It is well understood that sometimes there is a DEFINITE need for relaxation and recuperation.


AddieUP is a natural supplement that can be used by those those looking to improve in the areas of energy, focus, and concentration

Spark 4d Happy Caps

100% Pure-Natural Mood Enhancing Supplement! Forget about the Blue or Red pill, take the Green pill and enjoy the 4th dimension

Sandman Optimizing Shot Energizing Drink Mix

Sandman Party Powder is a mood enhancer developed by Red Dawn to give you a feeling of well-being and increased energy.

Sleepwalker 20ct Bottle

Enhance your mood and well being with this 20 count bottle of Sleepwalker at competitive price!